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Guangzhou Beauty and Health Electronic Co.,Ltd has 11 years history and located in Guangzhou China. It is nearby Baiyun international airport, the transportation is very convenient. It covers an area of 2000 square meters. it has over 500 workers, who mainly produce beauty machine. the products are in high quality and sale in china market also exported Southeast Asia , European areas.

Our products include beierplasm, picosecond laser device, analyzer, plasma lift pen, facial beauty machine, body beauty machine, cellulite removal machine, nd yag laser machine and microneedling pen.

Plasma lift pen is used for eyelid wrinkles removal. It can be divided into three kinds: plasma pen eye lift, medical plasma pen and jett plasma pen. Medical plasma pen can be used for medical work. For example, plasma pen neck lift has the function of neck lifting, eyelid lifting, acnes treatment and so on. Jett plasma pen is a low-powered medical device that is used for various kinds of skin treatments and helps with the removal of scars and stretch marks as well. And it can be used on any part of the skin. Plasma pen eye lift create plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere. And it is effectively used in upper eyelid, lower eyelid, wrinkles, scar, peels, inflammation, wound healing.

Cellulite removal machine can be divided into three kinds: rf cavitation machine, body slimming machine and cavitation slimming. Rf cavitation machine is a high-tech body slimming and shaping instrument. It has three technological advantages: high-frequency top-speed detoxification technology, deep-layer ultrasonic wave technology and diversified bipolar negative pressure technology. Body slimming machine can help people lose weight, dredge the channels and lift face. Cavitation slimming can diminish cells to slim the body and remove the fat by producing sonic waves.

Facial beauty machine can be divided into nine kinds: plasma pen, skincare cosmetics, micro needles pen, spot removal pen, vital injector, skin tighten and liftting machine, diamond dermabrasion, mesotherapy and 5D sculpture mask. Skincare cosmetics include different kinds of skin rare products. For example, mesotherapy serum is a humectant, and it can draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Beauty Salon Serum can make skin moist and tender, shiny translucent and tight-en up, fade fine lines and brighten skin color. Beauty salon mask is a new revolutionary way to look 10 years younger by making your face slimmer, smoother and firmer without the need for any painful or expensive medical procedure!

Nd yag激光机  包括激光皮秒  和q开关nd yag它们可以消除色素,还具有嫩肤和美白皮肤的功能。微针笔  可增强局部使用的护肤产品中活性成分的有效性。    

Beauty Health已逐渐被公认为中国领先的医用等离子笔制造商和供应商之一。我们雇用了合格且经验丰富的工人在我们工厂工作。 

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等离子提拉笔  用于去除眼睑的皱纹。它可以分为三种:等离子笔提眼笔,医用等离子笔和喷射等离子笔。医用等离子笔具有颈提,眼睑提拉,痤疮治疗等功能。Jett等离子笔使皮肤产生大量的胶原蛋白紧致和产生。它可以用于各种皮肤治疗,并有助于去除疤痕和妊娠纹。等离子笔眼提拉通过在大气中施加高频,高压来产生等离子。它有效地用于上眼睑,下眼睑,皱纹,疤痕,皮肤,炎症,伤口愈合。它具有两种操作模式:自动模式和手动模式。       

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